EZ Tattoo is Scottsdale’s oldest and most respected tattoo shop. The Scottsdale tattoo shop employs some of the best tattoo artists in the Phoenix area who specialize in all types of tattoos, as well as cover-ups.

EZ Tattoo offers innovative and professional service in a clean, safe and state-of-the-art studio located conveniently one mile of Loop 101 at 909 N. Hayden Road in Scottsdale. For more information on the Scottsdale tattoo shop, please call (480) 941-8720 or explore

Our specialties include:

  • Abstract
  • American Traditional
  • Ancient / Tribal
  • Asian
  • Bio-mechanical
  • Black and Gray
  • Cartoon
  • Celtic
  • Color
  • Cover-ups
  • Custom
  • Fine Line
  • Free hand
  • Gray Wash
  • Japanese
  • Lettering
  • Memorial
  • New School
  • Old School
  • Photo Realism
  • Polynesian
  • Portraits
  • Realism
  • Religious
  • Samoan
  • Sleeves
  • Surrealism

“If you can think it, we can ink it.”


Iron Dan was amazing. He was friendly and laid-back and had no problems with me being semi-anxious over this being my first ink ever. Overall, this is the best experience I could hope for for this being my first ink ever and I plan on going back for and and all future ink I get.

Amber E.

This place is incredibly cleanly, professional and fairly priced. James was a pleasure to work with, and he is great at what he does. I highly recommend EZ to anyone in the area, and specifically James.

D. S.

OMG , i went to EZ TATTOO and it was so AMAZING . my tattoo rocks and the place was so RAD .... I will ONLY go back to this place for all future work I want done ... The people were so nice and the place was clean. My detail of my back piece is so crisp and vibrant ....

Linze M.

Iron Dan stayed open till 2am to finish our tattoos and was kind, extremely respectful and helpful during our visit, we are thrilled with our design! Dan is an artist and greaty surpassed our expectations for the night!

Richard J.

Don't be fooled by the name, they have talent here. They are nice, friendly, and their shop is super clean. Iron Dan is awesome. Their prices are fair, their work is excellent, and you should definitely try them out! Super happy with my tattoo.

Naoi R.

Jesus made me feel super comfortable and is very detailed, love him! This place is clean and the people are rad, that's it.

Jasmine N.

Awesome place. Super clean, decorated so cool! Ivan was fabulous! Very skilled, nice touch. Very professional, with an easy going personality. Made my tattoo exactly as I wanted. Will definitely recommend to all my friends. Thank you so much! Was really EZ! :-)

Maggie S.

I just got a tattoo done here by Dee. He was amazing! I told him my budget and back story of the tattoo I wanted and he easily accommodated both. During the whole experience he kept me calm and comfortable, this being my first tattoo, and he was very friendly. I will definitely be going back to see Dee!

Kathy K.

So I was recently at EZ Tattoo looking for a tattoo artist ( 'cause I didn't have any tattoos) and I stumbled upon Jesus! He gave me my first tattoo and I absolutely LOOOVE it!! The color is amazing; it healed unbelievably great! MOST importantly, Jesus ( my ARTST ) was very kind and gentle. He made the environment of the tattoo shop feel at home. I can't wait until my next visit!!!

Lani A.

I got two tattoos with my new artist "Dan." He did an excellent job on both of my tattoos. he took his time to make sure everything was perfect. The outcome with great and I am definitely planning on going back to get more!

Nate K.

Just to reiterate, Ivan just did me a solid and took a bad memory and turned it into a work of art! I can't thank him enough.

Julie Hughes

They did a killer job on my tattoo. I'm very happy with it. They made my friend feel so comfortable during her tattoo and it was her first time there.

Debra Shea Ireland

Thanks Ivan. You've changed a bad tattoo into beautiful art.

Yesenia Barragan Aguilar

This is the place, my second tattoo there and have no regrets at all. Very professional.

Brigitte Kim

James is amazing I will never get another tattoo unless it's by him ....

Nikki Kamer

Third tattoo by Ivan and I love them all!

Katie Chapin

James is amazing! The shop is super clean and everyone is very friendly. I refuse to go anywhere else.

Kara Kunz

James did an awesome job on me and my neice!

Maria D Esqueda

I've had nothing but good experience with this shop. The artists are all very friendly and upbeat, and my artist Paul is amazing. I've gone to a LOT of artists and shops, and nothing compares.

Brandi Bradshaw

Paul was awesome! I wouldn't go anywhere else for a tattoo.

Shante Kamer


Basic Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

1. Remove bandage as soon as you are able to wash it with a liquid fragrance-free soap by hand, blot dry, and do this about 3 times a day. (example Dial Gold) Do not re-apply bandage.

2. Apply a thin layer of either AquaPhor or A&D ointment after every wash or as needed. Apply as often as comfortable, working it into the skin, use until fully healed.

Avoid swimming, being in the sun fake or real, any tanning, itching, picking, scratching, any chlorine, or any additional skin products that could compromise, the healing process of your new tattoo.


Basic Cleaning Instructions for Piercings

Each body is unique and every piercing is different. In general, here are some piercing tips from EZ Tattoo to keep your piercing clean:

1. Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.

2. Gently remove the lymph discharge by spraying sea salt solution onto the piercing and the jewelry. Q-tip may help but watch those cotton fibers. The discharge/crust is hard and sharp and will form around the piercing holes and onto the jewelry. If you notice discomfort when trying to move the jewelry, repeat removal until the jewelry moves freely. Never force the jewelry to move because this may draw waste back into the piercing or dislodge the piercing tunnel. …. This could cause tearing also. Doing this once a day after your shower is best.

3. Once the jewelry and piercing holes are free of discharge/crust on both sides, gently re-apply a small amount of sea salt to the piercing area.  Allow to absorb into piercing. Spray piercing every 4-6 hours until bedtime. Repeat every day until healed. It is also good to clean your jewelry once healed, it keeps up good hygiene.

Tips on healing a new piercing properly. Until the healing is complete….

1. No oral contact (including your own saliva) or exchanging of bodily fluids in/on or around the piercing.

2. Always Wash Your Hands with an antibacterial soap if have to touch your piercing.

3. Avoid handling the piercing or jewelry after touching anything because it will increase the chance of cross contamination. DON’T CHANGE TO EARLY.

4. Make sure that everything (clothing, towels, sheets, pillow cases, hats, etc) that may come into contact with the piercing are clean.

Also avoid contact with shampoos, cosmetics, hairsprays, sun block, tanning oils, lotions, and sand etc.

5. Do not submerge the piercing during the first stage of healing into any body of water (natural waters, hot tubs, swimming pools, etc.) Take a shower, not baths.  Especially chlorine waters avoid. NO BANDAIDS.

6. No fake or real tanning, no direct sun to piercing.

Avoid abuse and irritation: LEAVE YOUR PIERCING ALONE! ONLY TOUCH IT TO CLEAN. The more you baby your piercing the better it will heal. Here are some tips of things to avoid while your piercing is healing:

1. Avoid clothing that is too tight, abrasive, irritating and/or may limit oxygen flow to the piercing. For Navel Piercings wear low waist pants. No belt buckles that will rub when you sit.

2. Avoid sleeping on the piercing or other contact.

3. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents like Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bactine, and Betadine.

4. Avoid Using antibacterial and any other ointments. (ex. Neosporin). They tend to block the flow of oxygen to the piercing hider the natural discharge development and/or provide a place for contaminants to breed.

If you have any questions or concerns about the healing process feel free to call the shop and talk to your artist at: (480) 941-8720.

For Tongue/Oral Piercings

The first three days are the most important: ….

1. Keep ice in your mouth constantly for the first three days or longer. Cold water also helps the swelling.

2. Don’t talk  much. Don’t stick it out, play with it, or move it around at all (if you can help it) for the next few days or longer. ….

3. Rinse after anything goes in your mouth for the first two weeks. The best rinses are alcohol-free such as H2Ocean, Tech-2000, Be-Fresh and Biotene.

4. In a few days, a small amount of body fluid discharge will form around the hole. It will go away. For lip piercings you have surface and oral tissue to heal so follow general piercing aftercare instructions as well.

5. Continue aftercare until fully healed. Everyday good hygiene keeps piercing from being stinky or tasting bad.

Some bruising, redness, swelling and white skin tissue inside is normal for the first few days.

Try to refrain from any smoking or straw usage as it creates a vacuum in your mouth and could pull and irritate your piercing.

It is important to down size your jewelry after swelling has gone away to avoid it clinking around, chipping teeth, etc. Acrylic balls are also useful to avoid breaking or chipping teeth on tongue barbells.

It is good to brush your jewelry once you’re fully healed as plaque will build up on barbell. Changing your jewelry to new pieces every few months is also good, too, considering it’s inside your mouth.

Refrain from kissing, licking, sucking as well as any oral situations, body fluids, semen and others’ saliva.

Do not use peroxide as a mouth rinse.

When in doubt, give us a call!

If you have any questions, please call (480) 941-8720 or send an email using our contact form.

Tattoo design is easy with the tattoo artists and piercing experts at our Scottsdale tattoo shop. Our friendly and professional tattoo artists are considered some of the best tattoo artists in Phoenix. We can help you design the tattoo you’ve always wanted, create a fantastic cover-up, or provide the piercing you’ve been waited to get.

EZ Tattoo is conveniently located one mile of Loop 101 at 909 N. Hayden Road in Scottsdale and is open is open seven days a week.

Our hours:

Monday – Thursday: 12:00 pm-9:00 pm

Friday – Saturday: 12:00 pm-11:00 pm

Sunday: 12:00 pm-8:00 pm

For more information, please call (480) 941-8720 or use the convenient contact form below. 


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